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List: Top Ten Historical Dates That Should Be A National Holiday in Britain

Date: May 2006

Source: BBC History magazine online poll.

Base: Approximately 5,000 people voted.

Notes: The UK is unusual in that it dose not have a 'National Day' - nor a public holiday to go with it. Although Magna Carta won the vote, there would be a slight problem with making this a national day for Britain since it was a uniquely English event with little direct impact on 'Britain' as a whole which did not exist at the time.



June 15th

Signing of Magna Carta by King John (1215)

May 8th

VE Day (1945)

June 6th

D-Day (1944)

November 11th

Armistice Day (1918)

October 21st

Nelson's victory at Trafalgar (1805)

March 25th

Abolition of the slave trade (1807)

June 18th

Defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo (1815)

November 30th

Birth of Winston Churchill (1874)

May 19th

Establishment of the Cromwellian Republic (1649)

June 7th

Passing of the 'Reform Act' (1832)

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