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List: Top 10 Bestselling Books in Japan in 2007

Date: December 2007

Source: Kinokuniya bookstore chain

Base: All book sales during the year within the Kinokuniya chain - sorry, no data on number of sales but the list is in ranked order.

Notes: In first position was an advice book written by Ryuho Okawa, the leader of the 'Institute for Research in Human Happiness', a growing but very new quasi-religious organisation. In third place is a book of tongue-in-cheek advice by novelist and surgeon Junichi Watanabe, whose tales of middle-aged adultery and lust have made him a household name in Asia. A hair and makeup artist called Yukuko Tanaka took fourth position with his book of massage techniques that claim to take years off your face, whilst in 5th there was Micaco, a personal trainer to the stars, who advises you how to tone up your body.



Fukkatsu no Ho

Ryuho Okawa

Homeless Chugakusei

Hiroshi Tamura

The Husband Instruction Manual

Junichi Watanabe

No Taiseikei Massage

Yukuko Tanaka



Rakuen (Paradise)

Miyuki Miyabe

Haro baibai - Seki Akio no toshi densetsu (Urban Legends)

Akio Seki

Josei no hinkaku (Feminine Grace)

Mariko Bando

Hanten Yami Shakai no Shugoshin to Yobarete

Morikazu Tanaka

Yoake no Machi de (On the Streets of Daybreak)

Keigo Higashino

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