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List: Top 10 Bestselling Books in Japan in 2009

Date: 31st December 2009

Source: Kinokuniya bookstore chain

Base: All book sales during the year within the Kinokuniya chain - sorry, no data on number of sales but the list is in ranked order.

Notes: Haruki Murakami took first and third position with volumes I and II of his three part novel IQ84. The first volume had sold well over 2.2 million copies of by mid-December 2009. It was the first fiction work to top the bestsellers list since 1990.



1Q84: Book 1

Haruki Murakami

Frequently Mistaken Kanji that we Should be Able to Read but Can't

Hiroshi Tamura

1Q84: Book 2

Haruki Murakami

Happy for No Reason

Marci Shimoff

Obama's Speeches

Asahi Publishing

Maku Dake Diet

Chizuru Yamamoto

The Laws of Courage

Ryuho Okawa

Japanese that Japanese People Don't Know

Nagiko Umino


Kanae Minato

The Power of Worry

Kan Sanjun

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