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List: Top Ten Video Game Development Heroes

Date: June 2009

Source: Develop

Base: Survey of 9,000 games developers worldwide. Methodology and voting patterns were not disclosed other than the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto was said to have received 30 per cent of the vote. The list is in rank order.

Notes: The survey was commissioned by the Develop Conference run Tandem Events that attracts around 1,200 game developers from over 30 different territories and has become firmly established as the leading conference for European games developers. "It's no surprise that Miyamoto-san is the development hero of developers - over the last thirty years he has created games that have not only driven the evolution of the games industry but also changed people's lives," said Andy Lane, managing director of Tandem Events.

Game Developer


Shigeru Miyamoto

Legendary designer of games franchises like Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin and F-Zero and titles such as Nintendogs and Wii Music.

John Carmack

Co-founder of id Software and lead programmer on Doom and Quake.

Will Wright

The man responsible for the Sims and Sim franchises, as well as Spore.

Dave Jones

The Realtime Worlds founder best known for his work on the pioneering games Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto.

Sid Meier

The MicroProse founder and developer of Civilization. Was the second person to be inducted in the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' Hall of Fame (after Shigsy).

Peter Molyneux

Creator of God games Dungeon Keeper, Populous and Black & White, as well as Theme Park, Fable and Fable 2.

David Braben

Founder of Frontier, co-writer of the hugely popular Elite and team leader on Lost Winds and Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Masaya Matsuura

Famed for pushing the frontiers of computer music and developer of PaRappa The Rapper.

Michael Morhaime

Blizzard Entertainment co-founder and involved in development of games such as StarCraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft.

Jonathan Blow

Developer of award-winning title Braid.

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