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List: Top Ten Favorite Internet Searches on during 2006

Date: December 2006

Source: Yahoo!

Base: All searches on Yahoo excluding searches for pornographic terms.

Notes: Here's Silicon Insider's comment on this list: "So it's one long list of trashy pop stars, with two trashy pop culture institutions thrown in for good measure. It's all pretty depressing stuff - and yet another reminder of just how shallow and celebrity-obsessed our culture has become... why are these lists so relentlessly lowbrow? On consideration, the reason becomes obvious: The Web is now, at least in the United States, the most democratic of mediums, even outdistancing television as part of the average person's daily life." BTW, who is Chris Brown anyway?

Search Term

Britney Spears



Jessica Simpson

Paris Hilton

American Idol

Beyonce Knowles

Chris Brown

Pamela Anderson

Lindsay Lohan


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