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This site offers 'Top Ten' lists researched and culled from various worldwide sources. The only rubric we apply to warrant inclusion is that the top ten list for each subject must be either a: factual, e.g. top ten highest mountains (Ranking Lists), or b: the subject of a vote (Ratings Lists). If by vote the top ten must either have a base of at least 30 participants (if a popular vote) or 10 participants (if voted on by an expert jury). Individual persons top ten's don't make it.

Statistics bods may be disappointed by the lack of rubric in selection of the top tens. In our defence, each list shows its date, source, base and a 'notes' section that may explain any anomalies, biases etc. so you can make your own mind up about the authenticity or validity of the list.

If you have any 'Top Tens' you think worthy of inclusion please contact us using the link below.

If you think we have infringed copyright then please contact us. All the top ten lists included here have been collated from information in the public domain. We have linked, wherever possible, to the originators of the information and encourage viewers to visit the original source providers' websites.


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